XDAG: A DAG-based cryptocurrency

XDAG is a novel application of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology that solves the issues currently facing blockchain technology.
The first mineable DAG.

Our Software

Download links for applications that interact with the XDAG network.

New Wallet

It work for new wallet address which created later than 0.6.0 mainnet.
Support: Android, Windows ( IOS, Lunix, MacOS later)

Windows wallet Ios wallet Android wallet
Old Wallet

It work for old address which created ealier than 0.6.0 mainnet and new created address.
Support: Windows, Linux, MacOS

Download (Old PC Wallet)
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Mining Software

  • Download the XDAG RANDOMX CPU MINER for XDAG . It support Windows Linux and MAC OS.
  • POOL
    You can connect to a featured pool or check the available Pools’information.
  • XMRig2XDAG is translator between XMR stratum protocol and XDAG mining protocol.




Support The Community: This site is managed by the XDAG community.

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