About Dagger

Dagger is part of a new wave of Distributed Ledger projects based on a DAG infrastructure. DAG, or Directed acyclic graph, is an alternative method for sending data amongst people within a distributed, decentralized environment. This is done without a blockchain, allowing for greater scalability.

CPU/GPU Mineable

XDAG is both CPU & GPU mineable. Making it the first mineable dag project.


XDAG is working on incorporating privacy features. These are part of the 2018 roadmap.

Smart contracts

XDAG is working on the possibility to add smart contract.

Mining quick start

The first mineable DAG. Follow the steps below. If you get stuck, join us in the discord.

Download wallet

First, download the Dagger miner & wallet. Click to download.

Learn about the process

Next watch the easy to follow video setup guide.

Select a pool

You can connect to a featured pool or visit our wiki for a complete list of approved pools.


If you need help choosing the correct version, please open About your PC and look for system type, then select the appropriate release for your operating system below.

Windows 64-bit wallet

64 bit Windows Console and GUI executables (x64).

Windows 32-bit wallet

32 bit Windows Console and GUI executables (x86).

Windows GPU miner

GPU miner by Jonano for Windows (x64).

MacOS wallet

MacOS command line wallet.

MacOS GPU miner

GPU Miner by Jonano for MacOS.

Android wallet

For Android 5.0 and newer.


Sources for XDAG wallets and codebases.