XDAG v0.2.4 Release & Change List


We are pleased to announce that XDAG v0.2.4 is released.

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  2. Github
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Change list:

  • Whitelist is automatically updated from GitHub.
  • Wallet with mining turned off sends only one share per task instead of six.
  • Inactive connections (connections which do not send shares at all) are automatically disconnected after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • New command disconnect: allows pool-owner to manually disconnect a miner.
  • Main network and test network are protected against accidental merging.
  • Command history and auto-completion for Mac and Linux console wallets has beed added.
  • Bug with payments to miner which was disconnected long time ago is fixed.

Description of disconnect command: this command allows to disconnect some or all connections depending on parameters.

disconnect all - disconnects all connections
disconnect ip <IP> - disconnects all connections with specified IP
disconnect address <ADDRESS> - disconnect all connections with specified address


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