Progress in China — iWeb conference and XDAG meetup


iWeb Conference

We are pleased to announce XDAG has taken part in the 2018 iWeb conference held at the Beijing International Convention Center on August 12th.

This year, blockchain technology is one of the primary themes of the iWeb conference. Developers from multiple tech industries gather there to discuss and share ideas about blockchain, and blockchain technology.

We are excited to announce one of our community developers Frozen, was representing us at the convention. He had the opportunity while at the conference to, set up a booth, do some networking, generate interest in XDAG, as well as setting up a few mobile wallets and handing out some XDAG while he was there to a few lucky souls!!

A special thank you to all who contributed XDAG so Airdrops could be made possible this weekend:,,,,,, 大胖鱼, 王备, Calvin.

XDAG Meetup

We are also pleased to announce we held our first XDAG development meetup in Beijing, China on August 11th. Some of the key discussion points were:

  • The logic of XDAG
  • Implementing mining through the Python language
  • How to achieve DAG structure in XDAG
  • Double spending processing and high TPS
  • Current development status
  • Progressing the roadmap and what the future holds for XDAG

The meeting ended with a Q&A session.

We are currently trying to implement Python XDAG to display the logic of XDAG, a few devs are going to join us to implement Golang XDAG, which development will be starting very soon. There will be three developers working on Golang XDAG with the goal to implement enhanced pool node functionality.

On this note Frozen has said that XDAG will be very busy over the next month or so with 7 activities for XDAG each weekend working up until the end of September in different cities. We will be sure to keep you all posted on these events! The convention was considered a success with a considerable turnout and with many conversations had on behalf of XDAG, as well as the XDAG Development meetup attended by Frozen.

The community would like to say many thanks for representing us this weekend as well A big thanks to bCamp for providing meeting rooms and a variety of snacks for the team! Thanks bCamp for the long-term support of the XDAG community! This is all very exciting news and the team is very excited about welcoming more contributors to the project, the more we grow, firm up our technology, work hard on our social platforms and outreach, the moons the limit.


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