September report



We want to ensure people that we continue working on being added to new exchanges, with the next releases of our software helping us reach that goal. We also want to remind you that XDAG is trading on four exchanges. Two of these exchanges cater to Chinese customers only.


Recently, XDAG has been added on Once XDAG reaches a higher volume on these exchanges, a price chart will be available.

Coingecko rank

Furthermore, the XDAG team has been in contact with exchanges listed on and Hopefully these exchanges have a large enough interest to add XDAG trading pairs. Once any new information regarding this matter is available, we will share that as soon as possible.

We also want to thank you for your continued support. Mining continues to be a stronghold which spurs XDAG forward.


Our last giveaway goodies have been received by the winners. Thanks to Antonio (Facebook winner) who shared this image with us.



Our developers have worked a lot this month. They have made more than 100 commits for review and testing, which means that the next XDAG release will continue to improve the network. It is very important to us that the XDAG software is improved upon each release.

If you want to follow our developers work, you can find it on GitHub.

Lastly, we would like to share our thanks again. Thank you to everyone for their continued support. And finally, many thanks to our great developers who continue to improve the XDAG software.


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