Hello dear community members, on September 15th, the community officially adopted every detail of the Apollo plan. The plan has now entered the implementation stage, a series of optimization and upgrades will be carried out on XDAG to achieve the expected goals.

Recently the community wanted to solve the problem of long reloading time before production reduction, however, due to the huge workload of code adjustment, now we are going to change the work plan to implement production reduction along with solving reload issue when upgrading the system.

The community will carry out the first upgrade as planned, detailed steps are:

A. The production reduction time:

January 30, 2020 00: 00 (UTC)

B. The upgrade content:

  1. Reduce each block reward from 1024 XDAG to 128 XDAG.
  2. Enable RPC.

C. Coordination matters:

All mining pools should complete the upgrade of the new version (0.3.1) before January 30, 2020.

XDAG阿波罗计划第一次升级公告 各位社区成员,9月15日社区正式通过了阿波罗方案各项细节,目前已进入执行阶段,后续将对XDAG进行一系列的优化升级以达到预期目标。 这段时间社区本想解决了重载时间过长问题后再进行减产,但是由于改动工作量巨大,现准备在解决重载问题的同时进行减产升级。 社区按计划将进行第一次升级工作,具体安排如下: 减产时间: 2020年1月30日 08:00(UTC+8) 二、升级内容: 1.将每个块奖励由1024 XDAG降低到128 XDAG; 2.启用RPC。 配合事项 请各矿池于2020年1月30日之前完成新版本(0.3.1)升级工作。