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XDAG Monthly Report

In recent times a lot have been remodel in the XDAG community, as you all know the only thing that is constant in life is change. Different activities which has brought life into the community, making people from all spheres see a new positive light about the project. As you all know XDAG is a community driven project and these made the project a very unique one, the community are the one enabling its great success by contributing their own quota for the growth and development

Also XDAG is happy to be added on where we can feature our market data and forecasts. Wallet Investor

Telegram community contests

Telegram Contest“/assets/images/posts/telegram contest.jpg”

We just launched a telegram contest among our telegram community users and we can say a lot of interest has risen as a result of this contest, we’re raising and adopting new users to the XDAG community which is a right step in the Right direction.

The community experienced a boom that has never occurred before. That means, more people will have the tools to plug into the XDAG cryptocurrency ecosystem

Chinese community support

Our Chinese community have shown that they are truly a force to reckon with in the XDAG community, their continuous support are very immense, which we look forward to continue with, as we progress in the project development.

New team member (Developer and Non Developer)

XDAG Laptop XDAG community has new team members who are goal driven to help achieve great success in the project. Together we’ll be taking XDAG to it’s next level.

XDAG prices surge

XDAG has finally done it, since the time it was launched on Coinmarketcap. The asset rocketed past it usual price for the first time since it been added to CMC, reaching a massive upward surge. This was a 36% jump from where the cryptocurrency was trading. We look forward for more surges in days to come.

Exchange listing

Currently we’re still in talks with different exchanges on how XDAG will be listed on them, we hope to see a more positive feedback from them, just stay tuned for more information about our new listing.

Lastly we are open to collaboration and opportunity that will be strategic to help move XDAG to the next level. Within this opportunity lies the very reality of demand. But sure we’re ready for what is ahead in the XDAG ecosystem.