Version T13.838 Is In The Linux Repo.

  1. new hashrate counting system implemented; it is more precise than the existing one; touched to:
    • hashrate of whole network;
    • hashrate of the node;
    • hashrate of each miner;
  2. option ‘-a address’ added; this option allow the miner operate of this specific address instead of default one. This option is dedicated to miners who have several addresses.
    • For example, second address incidentally appears after update.
    • Another example: early solo miner with much of addresses. To use this option one need to know the address and have files wallet.dat, dnet_key.dat and the storage directory.
    • Then, run $ xdag -d -m N -a address pool:port
    • To know all addresses one need to run the program without -a option and type the command ‘account 1000’ or with larger number.
    • Then, one can see balances of these addresses in the balance viewer.
    • Note for early solo-miners: loading blocks could take a time, type the ‘state’ command periodically.
  3. small fixes:
    • transfer to incorrect address forbidded;
    • problem with rounding of smallest digit of amount fixed;
    • files netdb*.txt updated.

This update recommended for pools on the next planned maintenance. Miners can update if it is necessary.


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