Xdag Block Explorer Bounty


The first bounty program task is to create a block explorer. The new Dagger community website (xdag.org) will be out soon, and it will include lots of information from the community regarding the Dagger project. The website will need tools in the future to let users explore Dagger, and the first tool is a block explorer.


Create a functioning block explorer that contains the following information:

  1. Current main block height
  2. Current network hash difficulty
  3. Ideally, an actual 2D visual representation of the DAG tree
  4. Total block count
  5. Current difficulty
  6. Coins in circulation
  7. General information by block hash or address, such as:
    1. Timestamp
    2. Block children, parents, and path to a main block
    3. Block hash for address, or address for hash
    4. Block difficulty
    5. Transaction details (amount sent to which address)

It will be an advantage if you create an interpreter for the storage blocks instead of query the wallet sockets API.


Entrants must release the block explorer as open source code, and shared on Discord for review. All submissions will be accepted and reviewed.


Three winners will be nominated and receive a reward. 1st place: 5000 XDAG; 2nd place: 1500 XDAG; 3rd place: 750 XDAG.


Submit your block explorer through Discord (https://discord.gg/4hAntBw) in the #technical-hq channel. The submission should contain:

  1. Link to your project
  2. A Dagger address

Last submission will be accepted the 10/02/2018 .


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