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After the result of the first poll regarding the payout of rewards from the community fund (https://goo.gl/forms/KxEFzbZcE7njKse22), a reward value has been determined, and a list of people from these results has been created. This list was discussed publicly on Discord, and this is the final payout reward schedule is:

  • 6345 to cheat0shin, for wallet development, block explorer
  • 6345 to Evgeniy, for wallet development, code, first public GPU miner
  • 6345 to dizzle, for graphics, website design
  • 6345 to MyInvertedNip, for graphics, website design
  • 3525 to true, for first public CPU miner improvement, code, general assistance
  • 3525 to rubencm, for pool support, code, general assistance
  • 2115 to Sofar, for Discord maintenance, general assistance
  • 2115 to AnotherYou, for pool support, general assistance
  • 705 to SlickRick, for graphics help
  • 705 to Qriptau, for graphics help
  • 705 to Oseru, for graphics help
  • 705 to mathsw, for general assistance
  • 705 to Khaak, for maintaining the unofficial forum
  • 705 to cyan_inf, for maintaining the Facebook account
  • 705 to yobo, for general support

TOTAL: 41595 XDAG Current Community Fund: 206550 XDAG

Please take 2 seconde to make this rapid poll regarding the payout of reward from the community fund: https://goo.gl/forms/4tZICfs50fa72QGv1


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