Xdag Community Reward Payout


The winner of the XDAG Block Explorer bounty was not difficult to determine, as only one participant shared his work publicly before the end of the contest.

Discord user @rubencm#5207 has publicly released his block-explorer, based on prior work by Cheatoshin0.

@rubencm’s block-explorer is available at this address: http://b.xdagtalk.com/

Per bounty conditions, we would like to reward @rubencm#5207 as the winner of this bounty.

Cheatoshin0 will be awarded the second place reward, as without his work @rubencm#5207 wouldn’t have been able to create his explorer.

As there were no other submissions, the third price will be shared between the two winners.

Please have a look on the following, we reward the block explorer bounty. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1peYtc6VceN-PO5084V3pFjQjP-1w1ka9Ma2zd5UpgHk/edit?usp=sharing


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