Community fund rewards for October


Dear community, the rewards for the month of October 2018 have been decided.

The rewards are based on Github contributions and notable community involvement. Transaction IDs are linked to each name. The amounts reflect a 0.05$ USD valuation per XDAG, this is to maintain payments and the fund until the market can reflect a stronger price, then we will revert back to market value when this happens.

For their constant help and daily involvement in the development of XDAG and its core code, the following people are rewarded 40000 XDAG (120000 in total):

For their contributions and fixes applied to the mobile wallet, the following person is rewarded 20000 XDAG (20000 in total):

For their contributions on Crowdin or Discord for the translation of the Android App, the following people are rewarded 2500 XDAG (15000 in total):

Combined total: 155000 XDAG.

Thank you, everyone, for being a part of the community and contributing to XDAG’s progress.


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