XDAG v 0.3.0 release notes


We are pleased to announce that XDAG v 0.3.0 is released.

Change list:

  1. Optimization: Rewrite DNET for better performance and stability.
  2. Optimization: Reuse extra blocks to reduce blocks.
  3. Optimization: Changed the way that orphan blocks are managed for better performance.
  4. Optimization: Add index for internal blocks to speed up storage loading and synchronization.
  5. Optimization: Previous code has been optimized to improve performance.
  6. Optimization: Mined blocks which did not become main blocks are removed from the network.
  7. Refactor JSON-RPC to fix issues and implement required features.
  8. Fix: New blocks are not generated until the pool is synchronized with the network.
  9. Fix: segfault issues has been fixed to improve stability.
  10. Fix: Memory leak issues has been fixed to improve stability.
  11. Fix: Temporary file size issue has been fixed.
  12. Fix: An issue with disconnection of miners has been fixed.
  13. Fix: A payment issue has been fixed.
  14. Fix: Wallet issue when using wallet in MacOS Mojave environment has been fixed.


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