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Hello everyone, the time has come to share some recent news about what is happening in the XDAG community.


In Beijing, core developer Frozen held a meeting last week. Here is the transcript of their meeting notes.

XDAG Developer Meetup, Beijing Station Activity

Dear XDAG fans,

A developer meetup of XDAG was held in Beijing on January 12, 2019

Developers discussed the related matters of XDAG in Beijing . The discussion lasted for more than four hours, the problems encountered by XDAG in the past year and the future development plans were deeply discussed, consensus was formed.

Participants: Frozen - XDAG code developer Jerry - XDAG code developer Larryishere - Mac wallet developer Ssyijiu - Android wallet developer Wangxuguo - XDAG code developer Gui Cai - XDAG development enthusiasts

Topics for discussion: Community governance issues

XDAG wallet development and update plan

XDAG communication platform

Current technical problems of XDAG

Consensus: 2019 Q1, upgrade android wallet to speed up boot time.

2019 Q1, complete the development of Mac wallet, providing a friendly Mac user interface wallet.

Add API of node status query to explorer as soon as possible, provide latest node information Clean and reorganize the current node information Add synchronization state detection. Achieve consensus on basic governance rules for social platforms Build XDAG Communication Forum: Finally, thanks to Gui Cai for providing an arena for this meetup.

The following is photographs of this Meetup in Beijing.

Android 0.2.5 release.

We are pleased to announce version 0.2.5 of XDAG Android wallet is available now!

Change list: Bug fixes.

  1. Update i18n.
  2. Update icons

If you find any new bugs, please submit an issue at:

XDAG Forum & IRC

In our goal to be present on as many social platforms as possible, we have decided to create a forum to interact with each other. You can find the forum at

You can also find us at IRC: #xdag. For more information on how to connect, freenode has a wiki entry detailing how to connect to freenode’s IRC server. .

You can also find the rest of our community’s social platforms on our website.

Whitelist cleaning

Recently, as some pools in the whitelist are defunct and there has been no communication from their owners, we have decided to remove defunct pools from the whitelist in the following weeks. Pools that are no longer functioning will be removed. This ensures that the network will continue to function, and increase activity again with new interested people.

As always, please remember to monitor your miners and payouts. If you have not received any mining profits, it might be the case that the pool is defunct. You can check the status of pools at


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