Monthly report


Hello everyone,

The time has come to share recent news about what is happening in the XDAG community.


We’re pleased to announce that XDAG has been listed on Vinex with trading pairs XDAG/BTC and XDAG/USDT.

Remember to trade safely. XDAG is not affiliated with any exchanges.


We have now reached the requested amount of exchanges to be listed on, and a request form to be added has been submitted April 3 2019.


Development is currently focused on storage issues, as well as on switching the main hashing algorithm. XDAG is a community driven project; If you’d like to get involved and work on XDAG issues or features, please visit our GitHub.


We are fundraising BTC and ETH to pay bounties for XDAG code milestones. The goal is to reach 1 BTC, and currently 0.75 BTC has been raised. If you’d like to donate either XDAG, BTC, or ETH, you can find our fund addresses here.

  • XDAG: FQglVQtb60vQv2DOWEUL7yh3smtj7g1s
  • BTC: 3Jqe2zEtz3ADXWAqyMzzUysVZjYVnAntXr
  • ETH: 0xb5F34fEb083186AfcB1DB1eFdE41eDA1f9BD9fB1

Whitelist cleaning

We still continue to remove closed pools from our whitelist.

As always, please remember to monitor your miners and payouts. If you have not received any mining profits, it might be the case that the pool is defunct. You can check the status of pools at

Join us

As a community driven project, our forces is our users. Don’t hesitate to visit us on Discord or email us at to talk about how you could help XDAG.

Thanks to all who have shown support.


Support The Community: This site is managed by the XDAG community.

  • XDAG FQglVQtb60vQv2DOWEUL7yh3smtj7g1s

  • BTC 39QyFnyoW45dWMReaZtcoRHP2S4DqU8xQG

  • ETH 0xb5F34fEb083186AfcB1DB1eFdE41eDA1f9BD9fB1

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