The XDAG community has earned a wide impact after more than a year of development, however, pure community-driven open-source cryptocurrency projects like XDAG will encounter more difficulties and challenges than profit-driven projects. At present, the XDAG community has not formed an effective governance mechanism, developers in the community are moving to other proijects, and as such the community’s further development will be challenging. Members of XDAG community have engaged in intense discussions on the future development of the XDAG project.

Through a proposal by community contributor haitao, community enthusiasts Journey, QQ, Next, U54, Feng Qingyang and others, as well as through extensive discussion of community enthusiasts in WeChat groups, a series of proposals to solve the current predicament are formed and named XDAG Apollo plan. Community enthusiast ToBeLeo, Bo Ge, Emiya and community contributor haitao launched a vote on July 11, 2019 on implementation of the plan.

As of the early morning of July 19, 2019, the results of community voting showed that 96.4% of the voters voted for the proposal to implement the XDAG Apollo plan. Thanks to everyone who voted.

The XDAG Apollo plan’s proposal expresses the community’s expectations for the future development of XDAG, and it is necessary to create a practical plan for everyone’s expectations. After discussions with the XDAG community manager Sofar, the community needs to elaborate on the proposed plan and form detailed proposals on both XDAG technology implementation and community governance systems. After the proposal is formed, it will be published and conducted extensive and in-depth discussions and voting, soliciting the final opinions of the majority of XDAG community participants and prioritizing final voting results to implement the plans.

The detailed proposal will be completed within two weeks from now, and then conduct discussion and voting.

Technical discussions are tentatively scheduled on Github, community governance is tentatively discussed in Discord, Telegram, WeChat groups, and QQ groups.

Voting is tentatively scheduled for the WeChat public account and Discord.

If there is a better suggestion, please contact the WeChat public account manager, or proposal in the QQ group, WeChat group and Discord.

The community needs to be able to participate in the refinement and implementation of specific plans and work together to do things!

XDAG Apollo plan

** The original proposal of XDAG Apollo plan **

XDAG Apollo plan


The plan will solve the technical problems existing in xdag at present, and then delay the output at economic level, motivate developers, and stimulate the activity of network by measures such as staking mining, then form governance committee, organize communication and development work, study blockchain industry’s latest technology solutions, make technical reserves for the cross-chain, ultra-high-speed irreversible block confirmation.

  1. Technical

(1) Improve storage performance by rocksdb on full node (which is expected to solve the problem of low-speed client initiating and the complicated crypto-exchange access) (2) Dnet reconstruction with devp2p (which is expected to improve the network stability) (3) Improve stability of RPC interface and introduce WebSocket notification mechanism. (4) Improve multi-language version xdag (golang, java, etc.) (which is expected to attract more developers)

  1. Economic

(1) Output reduction (original 160 years was changed to 1600 years, which is expected to reduce 90% of current output production, the total amount of XDAG coin remains unchanged) (2) Reduce output by 10% on the basis of (1) (reduced part of XDAG will be kept for developers, hard-coded by the program, continuously iterative development version) (3) Mining Pools stake XDAG (the maximum hash power rate of mining pool is proportional to the number of staking XDAG) (4) Miners stake xdag (the amount of hash power which miners can submit is proportional to the number of staking XDAG)

  1. Governance (1) Elect community governance committee, which is responsible for public communication, planning activities, etc. (2) Elect technical governance committee, which is responsible for formulating technical routes, development plans, technical research, etc.

  2. Research (1) Add cross-chain protocol “xdag adapter” adapts to other blockchains (eg Ethereum) (2) PoS acceleration confirmation mechanism (based on the original PoW, use PoS to accelerate the confirmation of irreversible blocks, give a certain PoS verification incentive)

  3. Notes Prioritize technical issues, then implement economic plans, major breakthroughs in research during the period can be added to the development plan

  4. Time estimation Difficulty is divided into simple, medium, high, super high

Serial number Name Time-consuming estimation Difficulty factor
1 Rocksdb Storage 1 - 2 months high
2 Devp2p Network 2-3 months high
3 RPC Optimization 1 month (parallel) medium
4 Output reduction 1 month (parallel) simple
5 Staking mining 2-3 months medium
6 Java version Xdag development 3 - 6 months (parallel) super high
7 Go version Xdag development 3 - 6 months (parallel) super high

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