XDAG November Monthly Report


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It’s a season of new dawn and great progress for us all in XDAG community,

We’re glad that gradually our strategy and plan that is engineered are beginning to actualize in real-time.

Day in day out’ as a community project having large support from people who are enthusiast of this great project has been of great immense help and part of what keeps all going.

We appreciate everyone support.

Exchange Listing

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We’re glad to be listed on CoinEx as we made the official announcement of the listing on 26th of November 2020, trading activities already started with a XDAG/USDT Pair.

We’ve been in top gainers on arrival :

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Here is the link to the announcement: » Announcement «

Technical Update

Our next release 0.4.0 is still in review, we really miss more dev to watch our code, the more we are, faster development will goes forward. Random X last stage is now completed, but still under review to avoid ambiguities,It will be deployed in our 0.5.0 rev.

Marketing and community

More marketing strategy are already in place, we will be having upcoming Community AMA Series and also more promption campaign in the future, announcements regarding this will be communicated at the right time. We worked also to update all website where our stats and metrics are displayed, so CoinmarketCap/coinguecko and coinpaprika at least should display good information now.

Our community users based are increasing daily, happy to see more enthusiast are joining XDAG community, and they also have their slogan saying they are “Proudly Xdagian” we’re also proud of your continued support and contribution.

Lastly this report won’t be complete without adding the most recent and informative AMA we just did in the CoinEx community, Titled “Walk into the originator of [DAG+POW] XDAG” It was a mind blowing session, kindly see the link to check out the Recap :

» AMA Recap «

In conclusion we are still in pursuit of bringing Unique technologies for all and making sure XDAG stand out admist all, together we can make it possible, more goodnews will still be shared in the community.


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