XDAG RandomX Deployement



The community is happy to announce that according to the Apollo program planning, after the developer’s unremitting efforts, the new mining algorithm of XDAG is now ready. We’ll release a new version and switch to the new algorithm (RandomX) online in the near future. At the same time, the 300,000 XDAGs from the initial crowdfunding will be awarded to the relevant contributors (https://xdag.io/task#community )

The new algorithm will bring the following advantages to the community:

1. The new algorithm will first support CPU mining, which will solve the problem of XDAG mining fairness.
2. The new algorithm will attract more miners to join as it become easier to mine and the growing team of miners will greatly improve the stability of the XDAG network.

Thank you for the support of the community members, and we wish to all of our Chinese community a happy Chinese New Year and XDAG bullishness!


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