XDAG Fork for RandomX deployment


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XDAG Fork for RandomX deployment

As warned some days ago, RandomX will go live on our mainnet on main block 1540096 February 22nd 2021, 15:00 UTC . There will be no changes or manipulations to be made for the users, only the mining pools are concerned. We will come back to you with an update of the wallets shortly.

Mining changes

As you all know, this change of algo was long overdue to counter the big miners who were taking over the network. From now on, anyone can mine XDAG, even from his or her desktop computer. This opens up a wide field of possibilities for mining, and we hope to convince the mining communities of Monero and Firo to join us to strengthen our network.


We already have a miner ready for use, there are no major changes other than the algo.

This miner does not require files wallet.dat and dnet_key.dat. Storage folder is still necessary.

You can find it at this adress: https://github.com/XDagger/XdagRandomxMiner/releases/tag/v0.4


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