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Logo psd created by customscene -

XDAG Rebranding

As we enter a new phase of development, a member of the community with a certain talent for graphic design has proposed to create a new identity for us as well as a redesign of our publication media (website/social media…). That’s why we would like to submit to the vote of the community the new graphic identity to adopt for the future, starting with the logo.

There are 6 distinct logos that you can consult in the attached pdf, the first being a rebranding of our current logo, accompanied by 5 other proposals.

For this vote we will again use the wallet system with 1 XDAG = 1 vote, the wallet with the most XDAGs wins.

Here are the 6 wallet addresses, from 1 to 6 according to the order of the pdf.

  1. OpWDV70/zKvWPbfDCBvNP+5jJkYMUU58
  2. N7qug+TQUUbtMlY+LcZBQZiSpJoqevmL
  3. iDbvXS84km4widnAfhcuz/2YzsRRVHeh
  4. jwEfsbIUG4rNJ1pCZh+jKCyim4AHoQYv
  5. RC2m//hv2mUxx5NfvLkJT1t56w6VTKMY
  6. U3AQzfxFb0Zr78XuYaBKvJjV0Oja2MCg

Here is the pdf with the different logos :

Voting ends on Sunday, Apr 11th 2021.

All funds collected by vote will be donated to the development fund. For any donation to the designer, we created a specific task for it, community as well will cover half of the target.