XDAG Rebranding result


Hello everyone


The votes are closed since a while, it’s time to unveil what will be the new logo of the XDAG project:

logo image

The refresh of our old logo wins the most votes, we will soon unveil the redesign of our website and our various pages on social networks.

You can download the logos by following this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w_Q-eAfGHHwUuEyGAyMIkAx9w92MZ4h3?usp=sharing


A new XDAGJ 0.4.1 release recently, and our devs are still working on adding Libp2p instead of DNET to increase the number of users, and to allow our network to grow as it should.

Randomx has really breathed new life into us by bringing in new miners and customers, which strengthens our network, and our presence, which has been felt on the prices over the last few days. We are still a long way from what XDAG can become in the future, but we are really starting to see things more clearly, and developments are now moving at a good pace.


We are still working on getting in touch with new exchanges to get listed, we will come back to you soon with fresh news on this subject.


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